About the company

With over six years of Culinary and Management experience, Executive Chef Paul Booker intends to blend up his passion for food and cannabis for all to enjoy. As a former Division 1 collegiate athlete, Cannabis was a no brainer when it came to life after Football. As athletes, we have endured extreme physical stress on our bodies. As a result injuries and aches and pain have had a growing effect years after we finally "hung em up". Many former Teammates, friends and family have reached out to acquire more information on how Cannabis can benefit them. With the passage of the Farm Bill in 2018 Hemp cultivation, Research, Product production with the potential to transfer across state lines for commercial or other purposes.. I encourage everyone interested in the industry to do your due diligence, and to gain a better understanding of how this plant can aid them In their daily lives.

As a native (upstate) New Yorker, I am no amateur when it comes to Hot sauce especially when it comes to wings! Satan's Breath Hot sauce took home first place in YELP'S 2018 Wing Fling. Carolina Panther Hall of famer, Steve Smith along with all those who attended, voted Satans breath best hot wing among 25 other entries from restaurants in the Charlotte area. GREAT SUCCESS!

 This opened the door to an opportunity that could not passed up. By infusing my passion for Cannabis and food I hope to provide a product for those looking for alternative methods to get the help or relief they require.